How can we encourage a Greener City Centre?  

Recycling and Sustainability

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Why Recycle?

  • Reduce the need for new materials to be quarried, mined, chopped down.
  • Preserve the Earths (finite) resources for longer
  • Save the energy used to make new products
  • Preserve natural environments and habitats – preserve biodiversity
  • Reduce pollution from manufacturing processes
  • Prevent the need for landfill sites
  • Prevent the need to burn rubbish with associated pollution and waste of energy

Follow the three R’s:


  • Buy in bulk
  • Buy unpackaged
  • Avoid disposable
  • Contact mailing preference to reduce junk mail
  • Try washable nappies


  • Envelopes
  • Containers
  • Carrier bags
  • Clothes, shoes, toys and furniture via donation to charity and reuse schemes


  • Glass to bottle banks
  • Paper and magazines to paper bank
  • Compost green waste where possible
  • Buy goods made from recycled materials
  • Promote paper, glass, aluminium, print and copier cartridge recycling in your work place.
  • Promote the purchase of recycled goods in your workplace