Your Managing Agent – Friend or Foe

Public Meeting, Council House, Victoria Square
Monday 17 September 2007 7pm to 9pm
Your Managing Agent – Friend or Foe?
We asked attendees “what is your experience of large development living today?”
Do leaseholder rights rule, or unreasonable ‘Dickensian’ attitudes?
How do you go about making changes, or putting things right? 
How well is your apartment building managed?
The CCNF, with your help, wants to identify and share both good and poor practice. We will be reporting back on responses so far at the next public meeting.

Town Hall reopening – Sara Moore gave a short presentation on the reopening of the recently renovated Town Hall, and the programme of civil events planned in 2007/08. Those who had visited it expressed how impressed they were with the renovation.

Briefly commenting on the recycling & segregation of domestic waste, it seemed we had heard little of any progress. A speaker will be invited to talk about this at the next meeting.