Car Security

Don’t think that because your car is in a ‘secure’ car park under your apartment block it won’t get broken into. We have heard of three such cars having driver’s window smashed and small-but-expensive items taken in the last few days. Please don’t leave your satnav, ipod, or other tempting targets in your cars overnight!

2 thoughts on “Car Security

  1. David Foster

    Just because our communal car parking may be under cover, or behind gates, it doesn’t mean that our cars are secure there. Lots of people have legitimate access, quite apart from those who shouldn’t be there. And can we be certain that all of our neighbours are trustworthy?
    So we should regard our cars to be as much at risk as they would be on the open street.
    It could even be that thieves actually feel more comfortable breaking into a car within a ‘secure’ area because there will be fewer potential observers for them to worry about.

  2. pr05pga

    I had an experience some time ago when my car was broken into. My sister – a copper, laughed at me! She said “what do you expect if you leave ANYTHING visisble”. So, make sure there is nothing left in your car that can be seen from the outside

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