Health Care Services at Colston Health Centre, Bath Row

Any city centre residents who are registered at the Colston Health Centre, or who are thinking of doing so, will want to know that there will be short presentations from the Primary Care Trusts that serve it (Heart of Birmingham and South Birmingham) on how they will organise the services and facilities for the new Colston Health Centre building. This will take place on Monday 9th February between 1pm to 2pm at Colston Health Centre; light refreshments will be available from 12.45pm. 

This is a very important topic as it will aim to clarify the complexities of delivering a large health centre project and the factors that influence decision making & planning. A number of patients and residents have pressed for this briefing.

5 thoughts on “Health Care Services at Colston Health Centre, Bath Row

  1. David Foster

    You’re right that the formal consultation ended in October last year.
    However, the detailed planning work on the contents of the redeveloped centre and its location have still been live issues. The various sessions that we’ve tried to publicise here are the opportunities for public involvement in this stage.
    The latest one – on March 24 – is being billed as the last one before the plans go final and are decided upon by the respective PCTs’ boards. It will take place, as the February one, at St. Luke’s Church.

    The reorganisation of hospitals that you referred to comes under a wider authority than the PCTs, I think. I seem to recall something called “Project 2010” which included this, though I can’t find any references to it at the moment.

  2. Dmitri Nepogodie v

    It seems the consultation ended some time ago.

    I feel that health provision is one of the topics sadly left out of the Big City Plan. As I understand, despite the increase in the city centre population (and indeed the projected increase), I am not sure there has been much of an increase in services, which has clearly led to problems. My understanding is not perfect, but I think West Birmingham & Sandwell NHS Trust are planning to build a new hospital further away up the Dudley Road in Smethwick that will potentially replace a lot of the services currently at City Hospital. I am not entirely sure how this will effect the City Centre population, but presumably it will mean a longer distance to travel to A&E. Then again, there was talk at one point of closing City A&E and sending all those patients to Heartlands A&E instead, but I think this was dropped.

  3. Dmitri Nepogodie v

    I was not aware that this project existed! Is there a website relating to this?

  4. David Foster

    The next Colston Design Workshop will be held on Friday 27 February 2009 at St Luke’s Church Centre between 12.30 pm – 2.00 pm (Lunch will be provided). As the team reach the final stages of agreeing an end design for the building this will be an important event.

    I hope you can attend. Please would you kindly confirm your attendance calling Grace Hodgetts on 0121 255 0620.

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