Local Health Service – heart attack screening

Our local NHS PCT (The Heart of Birmingham tPCT) currently have a project run by the Heart Team to screen family members of patients who’ve suffered a Heart Attack to identify the risks to family members. This team is based at Finch Rd Primary care Centre on Lozells Road and if you are a person who falls into this category you can contact them directly on 0121 255 0154 to book this high-tech (no injections) screening for yourself.

Please remember it is a project for family members of patients who have had a heart attack. So it is not available to all.

(Previous participants have included an 18 year old found to be at very high risk & needed prompt attention)

Please do not be alarmed, but heart disease is a big challenge within our PCT area and this is one of a number of ways our Trust is engaged in tackling it.

(This information was provided by Saidul Haque Saeed, who is Patient & Public Involvement Officer of the HOBt PCT for the Ladywood Locality.)