Community Resilience

I’m just back from attending a conference about community resilience (against emergencies) 12th to 13th Feb. There were community representatives and resilience specialists from around the country. I’m very keen to talk to other city centre residents interested in the topic!

We discussed questions like…
  • What does COMMUNITY resilience really mean?
  • What motivates people to become involved in community resilience? 
  • What keeps them involved? 
  • What barriers are there to getting people involved? 
  • How can we encourage more people to get involved? 
  • How will the plan account for and involve vulnerable groups (and who is vulnerable anyway)?
  • What support might be needed (from any source) to build on or initiate community resilience activities? 
  • What existing partnerships exist within communities that can be used to build community resilience?

If you are interested in or involved in resilience against emergencies, and what communities can do to help themselves to supplement what the emergency services and authorities are able to do (particularly for instances of major or widespread emergencies where they are stretched) please get in touch! I am particularly interested in what we city centre residents can do to help ourselves and Birmingham City Council’s Resilience team is interested to know what ideas we may have.

Please either leave a comment below (for everyone to see) or if you prefer, email me via the ‘contact us‘ page.


Karen Caine