Get muddy in the city – Volunteers needed

British Waterways is having a nationwide campaign called ‘Towpath Tidy’ on March 26 to 29. Birmingham city centre is joining in by tidying up the small canal basin alongside the Malthouse pub. (This is the one containing the ‘Not So Long Boat’ between the ICC and NIA.)

British Waterways will prepare the area beforehand by draining the basin and retrieving stuff that has found its way onto the canal bed. For example paving slabs that originally belonged in the steps leading down to the water. These will be reset in their proper places.

During the featured days of the campaign, volunteers will join in cleaning the boat and repainting it, and planting shrubs and flowers around the area. People from some local businesses have already volunteered but volunteers from local residents will be great. British Waterways staff will oversee the work to ensure no-one gets into trouble, and provide any special gear that may be needed.

The peak days for the work will be Thursday 26 and Friday 27 March. If you would like to help, just turn up suitably attired from about 10 o’clock. There may be a bit too much foot traffic to have too many volunteers working on Saturday and Sunday but there will probably be things for some people to do.

The ‘Towpath Tidy’ campaign will have national publicity so, who knows, you could be on TV!

One thought on “Get muddy in the city – Volunteers needed

  1. David Foster

    If you want to join in, please call British Waterways (Murray Woodhouse) on 01827 252 000 to let them know.
    They have confirmed that the clean up of the Malthouse basin will be happening on Thursday and Friday this week. If more volunteers turn up, there are other projects in the Birmingham city area if this one is over-subscribed.

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