Brindley Place Monthly Market – The Delivery!

05856 Local Producers Market cWell,the Brindley Place Friday market took place on Friday 29* May as previously posted from 10am to 2pm……and how!……..

Now the next one is due!

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger general view of the market.







For quality, locally produced food with a published pedigree there surely is no superior market in my initial view.


 To name just a few things you could buy, there were:

  • wonderful fresh long hung meat with traceable sources
  • farm fresh free Range eggs
  • handmade soups
  • olives, peppers
  • cheeses – cow and goat
  • prime English sausages (my own favourite) in several varieties with generous cooked tasters
  • bakery and patisserie gems, pies and pasties galore (Oh! the pasties….pure Cornish in style)
  • luscious fresh fruit (English strawberries)
  • spoil yourself puddings
  • eat in your hand food – tagine, falafel wraps, etc,
  • specialist fruit juices
  • local wines and beers.
  • handmade soaps and bodycare products
  • others I’ve missed

In fact everything a gourmande could wish for – just like Paris street markets!






From my conversations with stall holders, trade got off to a slowish start (until I arrived with cash in hand!). But, come 12:30pm the local office workers swamped the site and had a whale of a time browsing, sampling and lunching….a great time was had by all….the atmosphere charged by wonderfully sunny weather – what we Brits are so good at celebrating!

We locies should get out there next time to do our shopping at 10am…..the early bird catches the worm….after all, and with so many gems on sale better to have the choice and negotiating attention and power than compete with the lunchtime invaders, I’d say. The stall holders are also great to discuss the time of day with.

In conclusion, I think this a marvellous venture and well worth our support. We need to diversify the attractions of the area for both for our own quality of life and to enhance the attractiveness of KEW.

*The market takes place on the last Friday of every month, the next one being on Friday 26th June…put this in your diaries now – you’ll kick yourself if you miss it!

Do indulge,


PS the sausages I bought were superb!

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