Threatened demonstration in City Centre

The police have alerted us to the possibility of an ‘Anti-Islamic Fundamentalist Protest’ march in the City Centre this coming Saturday, August 8.

Apparently there was something similar a few weeks ago. Two opposing groups were involved but were kept apart. The police hope to be similarly successful again but there appears to have been wider internet publicity this time so there may be more participants.

I have no information about time of day or route, though the last protest centred on Victoria Square. If I learn more, I’ll post it here.

David Foster

Chairman, City Centre Neighbourhood Forum

5 thoughts on “Threatened demonstration in City Centre

  1. David Foster

    Thanks, David, for the reports.
    I was travelling back to Birmingham during yesterday, so wasn’t on hand to experience any untoward trouble. Police helicopter traffic didn’t seem unusual compared with other weekend days recently.
    I’m grateful for the first-hand experiences, though. I shall be at a routine police liaison meeting tomorrow afternoon (Broad Street team neighbourhood tasking meeting) and will the chance to feedback residents’ opinions.

    David Foster
    Chair, City Centre Neighbourhood Forum

  2. David Foster

    The Police still have had no contact from the instigators of this event so everything is based on intelligence and previous experience.
    The main points are:
    1. The instigators are known to have called this through Facebook group pages, and may well use other unknown routes. Their pages focus on ‘anti-Islamic’ attitudes.
    2. The last occasion (July 4) involved 70-90 people, fewer than the police had feared and prepared for (they had 200 officers available).
    3. This time the instigators have openly declared their desire to demonstrate when four major Midlands football teams are playing at home. Clearly they hope this will attract a greater number of ‘interested’ individuals. The police are therefore planning a bigger resource, with an Assistant Chief Constable in overall control.
    4. Although no ‘official’ time or place has been revealed, the last event was focussed on the Bullring.
    5. The police are preparing for a period starting mid-afternoon extending through the early evening in the Bullring area.

    David Foster

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