Resident Views on New Street Protests

Are you a resident of the city centre? Were you affected by the disturbances last weekend? Or are you worried about what will happen ‘next time’? Please let us know as we prepare a letter to the Police…

We have heard concerns from several residents already. We also noted with concern that police communications repeatedly mentioned the safety and convenience of visitors, and businesses, but appeared to largely overlook consideration of residents and whether any of their needs might be different.

We intend to write an open letter to the police, copying our councillors and any other relevant parties. We want to try and ensure we trully represent residents views when we do so. Please comment below and let us know what you think!

Karen Caine.

One thought on “Resident Views on New Street Protests

  1. Dominic Fisher

    Being internet savvy and politically connected I could see that this weekend would be a disaster and avoided *where I live* between 1pm and midnight. As it turns out, the main story is attacks by criminals and pumped-up youngsters on innocent bystanders. Imagine if the two factions had been similar in number. I think we would be looking at fatalities.

    As it turns out, this predicted and predictable riot has magicked racial confrontation out of nothing. Only yesterday, a bloke was walking down New Street chanting in favour of the BNP. The Asian blokes outside Tescos didn’t look ready to tae that chap on, but certainly looked ready to take their anger out on someone.

    Thank goodness my wife was out of town. What needs to happen before now and the end of the month when the next protest is planned is for the police to go through the CCTV (NB – it took them 6 months to go through the Lozells riots CCTV) and round up the offenders, otherwise people will be under the impression that they can turn up in the centre for a ruck and get away scott-free.

    Extremist ‘protests’ in Birmingham City Centre? Never again.

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