Birmingham City Centre Demonstration

Police Line

Well, while it didn’t quite look like a normal Saturday – with large numbers of police and what seemed to be pretty low numbers of shoppers – I didn’t see much of a problem when I was in the city centre this afternoon.

The main irritation was that New Street was blocked by two lines of police with demonstrators between, causing residents and shoppers to have to divert.

I see police have made arrests though – mainly 20+ people on a bus. When I left the shopping area about 5:30 they seemed intent on dispersal.

Did any residents have major problems we should know about? Especially if it points up any idea for something different and better the police could do on a similar occasion in future? If so please let us know!

Karen Caine

One thought on “Birmingham City Centre Demonstration

  1. David Foster

    On the face of it, 20 arrests would be improvement on the August demonstration involving the same parties. 35 arrests were made that time.

    David Foster

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