Artsfest 2009

We hope you have been enjoying Artsfest 2009 this weekend.

Artsfest 2009

Artsfest 2009

You can see some more of my Saturday night concert and firework photos here. I enjoyed the evening, but some people were complaining that the music wasn’t popular enough, or upbeat enough, for such a varied public audience. Why not tell us about your experiences, or link to show people your photos or videos of the event.

Karen Caine

2 thoughts on “Artsfest 2009

  1. David Nikel

    I was really pleased with ArtsFest this year, definitely a step-up, although undoubtedly the fantastic weather helped!

    From Ladywood samba band Bloco Louco in St Paul’s Square to the concerts in Centenary Square, there really was something for everyone.

    Roll on 2010!

  2. David Foster

    What a fantastic Artsfest weekend!! And the weather was great, too.

    I didn’t attend the Saturday evening concert having over-indulged in Artfest events earlier in the day! So I cannot comment on the range of music played. Judging from the programme, there seemed to have been plenty of ‘popular music’ during the rest of the time.
    I was surprised (pleasantly, I have to say) at the content of the CBSO’s promotional event on the Friday afternoon in Symphony Hall. Far from ‘lollipops’, it was serious stuff which they are due to play in Berlin the the coming week. And the BBC Big Band gig in the Town Hall later that evening was a real highlight.

    My one complaint is over the sound level in Centenary Square. During the Saturday afternoon and Sunday midday, when I was around there, the sound level was physically painful. I just didn’t want to be there. So maybe that was the message.
    Didn’t it exceed sound power legal limits? If so, why was no action taken?

    (Old fogey) David Foster

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