Emergencies in the City Centre

A Public Meeting organised by the Resilience Group in Birmingham City Council.

Public Meeting about City Centre Emergencies

Please book a place by emailing info@birminghamprepared.gov.uk , if possible by 25th September.

Find out more about Resilience and Emergency Planning in Birmingham as a whole at http://birminghamprepared.gov.uk .

I work part time for the Resilience team – generally evenings and weekends. I have been asked to help organise this meeting because the needs of city centre residents like ourselves can be somewhat different from the rest of the city, and we want you to help us make sure we are thinking along the right lines. In addition we hope you would pick up tips about ways to help yourself, family and friends, and learn about what the resilience team does.

I hope I will get chance to meet you there!

Karen Caine

One thought on “Emergencies in the City Centre

  1. Concerned Citizen

    In 2007 some 8% of police officers were on some kind of
    restricted duty, meaning 600 officers could not be counted on in a
    mobilisation. ……….A review started in 2006 and as a result of that
    review 6 or 7 officers have been retired.”
    David Williams Head of HR West Midlands Police October 2008

    In the case of a major incident in Birmingham or the West Midlands area Williams is saying that some 600 officers would not be able to be sent out the door
    because they cannot carry out front line duties.

    Maybe there aren’t enough fit officers to send. This has been brought to the attention of the Police Authority but they are not interested.

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