Graffiti on REP’s Walls? – for Art’s sake!

In case you missed it, a performance of Spoken Word Poetry and Street Art was staged at the Rep Theatre on 21 January – using walls to be demolished……

(Click on an image for a larger view – Photos by Karen Caine)

Graffiti artist Mohammed Ali and 4 well known poets were involved in a production named Writing On The Wall. The venue was the theatre workshop, the engine room of the theatre with its hereto grey walls. These were transformed into a colourful venue over 9 days by Mohammed Ali’s creations painted on the walls using spray cans.

 The whole workshop is due to be demolished during the next two weeks I’m told because of new structures being integrated with the new Library of Birmingham being built next door.

This Tuesday afternoon was the last time for the general public to view the wall paintings, so I thought we should show them to those who missed the event.

Unfortunately theatre staff did not feel inclined to park their building equipment elsewhere during the Tuesday viewing, so some of the painting was obscured.

To learn more of the artist follw this link.

Geoff Caine