Regal Tower Development – Report 1 Amended

Addendum: The Council Planning Committee did not in fact discuss the Issues Report as stated below – this was mis-reported.  They are meeting tomorrow (Thursday 4 Feb) to discuss the report.
The Council Planning Committee on Thursday 28 January considered an Issues Report on a Planning Application to develop Regal Tower at the Broad Street end of Sheepcote Street……
Local Councillor Kath Hartley says “They will have asked further questions about the (council planning) officers’ issues in the report and raise more issues of their own which they will want to be answered in the final report”.She goes on to say “Officers will now address the questions raised in a report with more input from the applicants, BCC Transport etc and their further report will be part of the package that the Committee considers when making a decision- probably in late February-early March.”.

We are trying to obtain a copy of the Issues Report and will post a copy to the blog if and when this is available.

 The Issues Report will be discussed at the Ladywood Ward Committee meeting to be held off Broad Street on 16 February. Click here  for more details of the venue, etc.)

This should be an interesting meeting! Do try and make it if you can.

One of the outputs of the meeting will be a formal response to the application from the Ward Committee which will form part of the final report to the Planning Committee.

Geoff Caine

PS Planning Application number is 2009/04215/PA. To view click here.

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