Midland Metro a Walk Along the City Extension

This post takes you along the Birminghm City 1.4km extension to the Metro using Google Maps and photos taken by me recently…..

My current information is that funding is in place and the work should be completed some time in 2012. The buses currently using Bull Street and Corporation Street will be rerouted……

The route runs from Snowhill Station to New Street Station a distance of 1.4 km.

Below is a Google Map showing the route of the extension as a blue line. Along the route are markers from where the photos were shot always in a clockwise direction.  To view a photo, click on a marker then on View in the small window that opens. You can adjust the scale and view of the map  using the controls in the top left corner. REMEMBER to return to the original map view by using the back arrow.

Author: Geoff Caine

4 thoughts on “Midland Metro a Walk Along the City Extension

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  3. Steven Patrick Morrissey

    Well said Geoff! Oh how wonderful it will be for a tram to take the heavy boned day trippers from Wolverhampton and Stourbridge from Snow Hill direct to Greggs. My only concern is that in the general excitement some may lose complete control of their bowels. I suggest that all Metro vehicles be fitted with wide entrance toilets and St John Ambulancemen.

  4. Geoff Caine Post author

    I must say that whilst walking the route last Sunday as a photographer rather than a shopper, I was staggeringly aware of the noise, fumes and general mayhem that exists along Corporation Street.
    The street is not wide enough for what it has to deliver. The bus stop spaces on the road are not long enough for bus drivers to align their bus parallel and close to the pavement of the stop. Result? a blocked road and gridlock for 2 minutes at a time. Then there is total obscurity of the road for the odd cruiser who weaves through sitting low in his (usually)/her pride and joy to show off to the world.
    This is an ideal environment for accidents to occur to pedestrians, who because of the gridlock pick their way through the temporary stationary traffic to cross the road to their desired shop without having to walk to one of the two pedestrian crossings (and return along the other side!).
    The noise and fumes created by the buses is a pollution nightmare and needs to STOP.
    I can’t as yet find the details of how the Metro will be configured but ten trams per hour in both directions is worlds apart from the hundreds of buses.
    How peaceful this could be in comparison, just as long as the new rolling stock is chosen wisely and does not make the ear shattering noise of many of the current buses.
    Geoff Caine

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