Keeping up to date with Library of Birmingham developments

Simon Dingle and Sinead Dutton

Simon Dingle and Sinead Dutton of Carillion

Simon Dingle (Operations Director) and Sinead Dutton (Project Manager Employment & TKG) from Carillion are keen to keep local residents informed about progress on the new Birmingham Library, and ask for feedback if we have any comments.

They met with us (Karen and Geoff Caine) on Tuesday where we explained the need to talk to those of us regularly walking through Centenary Square on the way to the city centre, as well as those living immediately behind the site. Our lives are also affected by the building in progress! They agreed and promised to keep people informed via this blog, and by attempting to distribute some copies of ‘The Site’ to local apartment blocks. The Site is the newsletter about the development – latest issue is The Site – Newsletter 3.

Benches being reused by Birmingham Library site

Benches being reused by Birmingham Library site

We asked about the ‘site beside the site’ where an extra area has recently been fenced off just outside the main fence and filled with metal benches etc from inside. We were assured the mess is temporary – and the benches are being reused, placed around the outside of the site. Indeed, when we took a look they were already being fixed in place….

We also asked about the plans for the rather overpowering extra-tall blue hoardings. Apparently Carillion and the council are working on ideas to make these rather more pleasant to live with. They are considering a number of possibilities, such as art, or a ‘green wall’ of plants. Hopefully plans can be finalised soon!

We will bring you more news when we get it. In the mean time, Simon and Sinead reminded us of the Construction Incident Line in case you see any problems that you want to draw to their attention…0800 138 5651.

Karen and Geoff Caine

One thought on “Keeping up to date with Library of Birmingham developments

  1. David Foster

    To complement this – I met Terry Perkins last evening (at an event that I will report on separately). Terry is the council’s project director for the Library project. Geoff Fenlon, head honcho of the ICC, was in on this conversation.
    Terry explained that the extra height hoardings are to screen off the portakabin offices that will be in place during the remainder of the construction project.
    He also confirmed that they are taking very seriously the complaints that Geoff and Karen – and very many others including Geoff Fenlon himself – have made about the visual impact of the hoardings. The floral decorations idea (which came from the ‘In Bloom’/Floral Trail steering group) is certainly being taken seriously as are other ideas for ‘branding’, as Terry described it. (I’m a bit more dubious about the possible effect of this!)
    I hope that, having made personal contact with the project team, we can mitigate the impact during this long project. I told Terry firmly that we will ‘want our square back’!
    David Foster

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