Paradise Forum – on show, the future?

Early last year Argent (the developer and operator of Brindley Place) was awarded a contract by the city council to produce plans for the redevelopment of Paradise Forum……

This is the set of buildings centred on the Central Library. Last evening, Argent described their provisional thinking on how this critical part of the city centre might change.


These ideas will be displayed in a small exhibition open next Tuesday Feb 9 12-7pm and Wednesday Feb 10 7:30am-2pm in one of the vacant units in the Paradise Forum shopping area.


There will be people from Argent and Glenn Howells Associates (the architects retained for this work) there while the displays are open. They want as much response as possible, so get along to see these displays if you can.

Do not expect to see specific building plans or definite street layouts in these displays. Argent and Glenn Howells are floating very provisional ideas about how the whole area could be changed. They are still trying to establish the potential ‘show-stoppers’. They don’t expect to submit an outline planning application until 2011. And construction wouldn’t start until 2014. They liken this project to BrindleyPlace which, for them, was a 15-year slog!

For what it is worth, my own personal response was extremely positive. The changes would hugely improve the whole area from within and without. Despite my age (71), I want live to see the final outcome!

David Foster

More pictures of current building:

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