Regal Tower Development – Report 4

A Council Planning Committee meeting was held in the council House on 4 February at which an Issues Report on the Regal  Tower was discussed……The Issues Report had been prepared by Council Planning Officers and submitted to the Committee prior to the meeting and to members of the public at the meeting.

The Committee were asked for comments on the report including requests for further information and clarification. My recollection of this part of the meeting are below.

Some of the committee voiced their welcome the proposed development as being iconic for the city and a welcome update and freshening of Broad Street. Issue 4 Access/Transportation and Issue 5 Parking created most discussion. Councillor Ian Ward expressed concerns by the public and other Councillors. Paul Cowen of the Council Transportation Department appeared to take these on board – further investigation and analysiswould be carried out on traffic flows and possible double counting of local off-road public parking spaces by hotels, and event venues in the area.

I have highlighted areas of the report which I feel are the most contentious.

The report is due to be discussed at the Ladywood Ward Committee meeting on 16 February 7pm which is open to the public – click on poster (left) for details. Any comments added to this post I will feed anonymously into the meeting.

Geoff Caine

PS To see previous Report click here.

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