New New Street Station gets planning permission

Picture from - the Council News site.

I  attended the Council Planning Committee Meeting on 4 February, and unknown by me beforehand, found item 7 on the agenda entitled “Stephenson Street, Navigation Street, Station Street (Land Bounded by), New Street Railway Station – 2009/05720/PA” . This in fact referred to the new New Street Station and meant that the application to develop this was to be voted on by the Committee of Councilors…….

There was unanimous praise from almost all the Committee of Councillors who loved the design and the fact that Birmingham would at last have a Gateway for visitors which reflects its status as a world-class city. The only issues raised about it were from some local businesses where a new footpath towards Moor Street Station passed to the rear of their premises. Clarification was also requested on the materials used to create the mirror finish to the outside of the station and concern expressed that these would weather well and not become shabby; these were noted by the Planning Officers.

The application was voted on and passed.

The application proposal is “Reserved matters to outline planning consent 2009/03086/PA for the redevelopment of phase one (comprising redevelopment of New Street Station and adjoining land including changes to the Pallasades Shopping Centre, the demolition of Stephenson Tower, associated highway works, creation of public spaces and infrastructure works), including the siting, design and external appearance of the building(S) and landscaping.

Geoff Caine

For details of the planning  application see 2009/05720/PA.  Advice: if you click on the the link to View Related Documents (to find the details of the station as planned), it currently does not work and returns a Server Error – I have emailed the Planning Office about this and will update you with any response.

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