New Street Station – Progress Report 1

New Street Staion New from South from PA 1

Above photo from Birmingham Council Planning Application website

Work has been in progress on the revamp of New Street Station for several months now. So what are the visible signs?……

Considering that planning permission for the the project (application number 2009/05720/PA) was only given at the public Planning Committee Meeting at the Council house on 4 February 2010, some real progress has been made.

The photos below are from the South side of the station, the side that will become the main entrance to the station. The artists impression of this is shown above. This side will be redeveloped first.

New Street Station-4924

The first level car park has been attacked with lowering of the outside wall.

New Street Station-4919

There are signs of structural builds, from the West………

New Street Station-4926

…..and from the East.

 New Street Station-4916 

Platform 13 track was removed 3 months ago I’m told.

  New Street Station-4928

When will the queue of taxis be moved I wonder.

Editor: Geoff Caine