Would you want to know if there was an emergency in your area?

Birmingham Resilience - Community Alert

Birmingham Resilience - Community Alert

Now you can! And for free!

You can register up to three Birmingham post codes with Birmingham City Council’s Resilience team. If there is an emergency connected with that post code you will be notified, with your choice of email, text message, recorded voice message (to phone or mobile), pager or fax.

What kind of emergencies? Some suggestions are:

  • Flooding incidents
  • Evacuations
  • Major utility failures
  • Incidents at local industrial sites
  • Major road closures
  • Major health risks
  • You need not worry about being bombarded with texts or emails…in three months or so I’ve only had one – warning me that the Aston Expressway traffic lane tidal flow was out and would be down for a week.

    But if something did ever happen – wouldn’t you want to know?

    If so sign up now at https://alert.birminghamprepared.gov.uk/registration/.

    (Note: the Resilience team explain they endeavour to provide this information but do not guarantee it.)

    Karen Caine