“Birmingham in Bloom” goes city-wide

After the city centre’s gold-winning success in 2009, the whole city is entering the RHS competition in 2010……

The scope of the entry covers the whole of the Birmingham city council from Lickey in the South to Sutton Coldfield in the north. Those localities which make their own entries (e.g. Moseley) cannot be part of this entry.

The theme is “Growing Communities” with a strong focus on local activities. The main source of local activity is provided by two elements:

  1. BCC Housing Department’s “Birmingham in Bloom” competition for local authority housing estates, which has been running for a number of years; and
  2. 120+ friends organisations active over the city’s 400+ parks and open spaces.

The preparatory work, principally by the council Parks Department, is well under way.

For publicity, there could also be a city-wide ‘Floral Trail’, akin to the City Centre Floral Trail, operating through the summer months. The ‘Ring & Ride’ organisation is very interested in providing a bus service.

Planning had already started for the City Centre Floral Trail, building on last year’s success. This will form a centrepiece for the city-wide “Birmingham in Bloom” entry. One particular challenge is how to take positive advantage of the Centenary Square building site!!

David Foster