Living Walls – in Birmingham??

You may have seen living walls in south European cities. Here is one in Madrid that I saw last year

Can you imagine anything similar in Birmingham city centre?

Well, they are coming . . .


In fact, the first is already here at the Mailbox.

Now that the Cube is nearing physical completion, and the bridge is returning to its original alignment, if you stand at the foot of the Cube and look back towards the Mailbox, what you see is in the photo below:

This new canalside seating area looks a real winner to me with the living wall background.

It’s going to become really popular and a great rendevous.

And this living wall will be joined shortly by a section of the Centenary Square hoarding which will sport its own living wall segment.

Both of these will be new features for the City Centre Floral Trail this summer but also much more, since they are intended to be sustainable and not just summer features.

David Foster