Still deciding who to vote for?

Place your voteHere are links to information about our Ladywood constituency – who is standing, and more about the area. Also sites that may help you find out which candidates you most agree with. The Neighbourhood Forum is not a political organisation. We have no intention of trying to tell you who to vote for, so we have tried to keep it neutral. Hope you find it useful!

Ladywood constituency on Wikipedia (including past election results)

Ladywood constituency on the BBC  – this includes notional, estimated, results based on the 2005 results, but trying to work out what they would have been if Ladywood’s boundaries had already been changed to the new ones. They show the notional results 2005 to be:

Labour – 52.6%
Liberal Democrats – 29.4%
Conservative – 8.4%
Others – 9.6%

Of course, they may be wrong, or people may feel very differently now.

Our current MP, Clare Short, is not standing.

The Parliamentary candidates for our area are:

Green: Peter Beck – see the Birmingham Green Party site

UKIP: Christopher Booth – see him on UKIP’s site

Conservative: Nusrat Ghani – either within the Conservative website or on her specific one

Liberal Democrat: Ayoub Khan – on the Birmingham Liberal Democrats site

Labour: Shabana Mahmood – either within the Labour website (but strangely her page is empty!) or on her specific one

A site collecting pictures of the leaflets each candidate  is circulating is . These are the ones I found for the Ladywood constituency:

Hoping to help you decide how to vote…

They Work For You site asked candidates to answer a series of questions so you would be able to see which of them you agreed with. Unfortunately last time I looked, none of our candidates had answered it.

So if you still don’t know how to vote, here are a couple of sites that help you run through what you think on different issues and then show you how well your opinions match up to each of the political parties:

I got different results from the two sites though, so they are not a sure fire way to decide!

Here are a couple of other interesting politics-related sites:

Expenditure Map

Do you think Birmingham, and the West Midlands, gets its fair share of Government expenditure? This innovative site can help you check!

It’s an interactive map which visualises public expenditure data by UK region. Categories such as services, defence, public order, science and technology, agriculture and transport can be selected to vary regional size and colour. This allows for easy comparison between public spending in two different categories and allows users to how spending has changed over the years.

How much power does your vote have?

A site about our voting system – before looking at this one, you have to promise you won’t decide not to vote after all!

Please vote!

Even if the constituency vote does not go your way, your vote will still be counted in the national figures showing everyone who gained how much support. And that could influence how secure the winners feel, or how much they realise they need to listen to your favourite party’s ideas.

2 thoughts on “Still deciding who to vote for?

  1. karencaine Post author

    I’ve had one from Labour and two from the Lib Dems (one arrived today so is not on thestraightchoice site yet). Haven’t had any of the others.

  2. simon gray

    just out of interest, has anybody here had any leaflets from the candidates, or seen any posters beyond the big one on summer row ? or know of any hustings events having taken place ?

    down in the boatyard we had nothing until yesterday – just a generic libdem leaflet, & neither me nor any of my friends (one of whom it’s her job to know what’s going on in her particular bit of the city centre) have been aware of anything.

    anybody would think ladywood wasn’t potentially a key battleground seat or anything…

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