Ladywood Ward results announced!

2010 Ladywood Ward Election ResultsLadywood Ward candidates

David Matthew Nikel- Liberal Democrats 2,338

Sharon Janet Pennant- The Conservative Party Candidate 1,684

Carl Joseph Rice- The Labour Party Candidate 3,504

James Robertson- Green Party Candidate 378

Lab hold

Maj 1,166

And in case you are wondering how that compares to past Ladywood Ward council election results….or what the overall Council results are…

Past Ladywood Ward Results:2008 Ladywood Ward Election Results2007 Ladywood Ward Election Results2006 Ladywood Ward Election ResultsOverall Birmingham City Council Results (one third of seats were up for election):

Final tally
Lab 20 (+5)
Con 11 (-4)
Lib Dem 8 (-1)
Respect 1 (no change)

  Overall Birmingham Council numbers following this election: 
Con 45
Lab 41
Lib Dem 31
Respect 3
See the Birmingham News Room site for more information about Birmingham election results, including videos of the Parliamentary announcements/speeches

2 thoughts on “Ladywood Ward results announced!

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  2. David Nikel

    My sincere congratulations to Carl Rice on being re-elected. Thanks to all voters who took part in the process and I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of city centre residents over the next 12 months.

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