Should WM Police be doing things any differently in City Centre?

Following a local reorganisation of the police, I am invited to the Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting tomorrow (Friday) morning (as chair of the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum).

So that I can give other people’s views as well as my own, please comment below about anything you feel the police should tackle or change their priorities over.

The invitation tells me:

“West Midlands Police is undergoing some changes, which includes a full force restructure, changes in roles and responsibilities and more importantly an introduction of a value based decision making model which starts with putting the public first in everything we do.

This is why local Neighbourhood tasking is vital to us in delivering what the City Centre wants and needs from its Police Officers and staff.”

“Neighbourhood tasking is about you highlighting problems within the area and as a group we discuss and aim to solve the problems using a joint approach.

The process will only work with your input and crucially your output.

From the meeting we will agree on the top priorities for the Police and Partners to tackle”

Please help me to know what to suggest to them, or also let me know if you think they are doing a good job and you are pretty happy with the policing as it is.


Karen Caine

2 thoughts on “Should WM Police be doing things any differently in City Centre?

  1. Geoff Caine

    WMP should concentrate on supporting residents as regards anti-social and noisy behaviour by others. Peope should not have to put up with these sort of intrusions into their right to a peaceful life. They need to know that the police will act in a timely manner and withinn the duration of such happennings. Perpetrators of such behaviour need to be made aware that it will not be tolerated and that action by the police will be swift and sharp.

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