Lap Dancing – Boujee Rooms and the aftermath!

You will have seen in the local press (for example the Birmingham Mail) that our attempt on Monday to oppose Boujee Rooms’ licence extension failed. We were not alone in opposing this application – we joined with the Broad Street BID, City Centre Partnership and virtually all of the individual businesses in the area. The committee accepted the application principally because neither the Police, nor any other of the official bodies (Child Protection, NHS, etc), opposed it.

The process demonstrated that the Council’s policy to make Broad Street a restricted area for lap dancing is a sham. This means that, while this policy remains in place, there is nothing to stop many such clubs from opening in Broad Street.

The only promising sign is that later this year the Council will be enabled, through a change in the law, to exercise much greater control over Sex establishments. With residents’ support, we will be pressuring our Council to apply these powers much more rigorously than it has up to now.

What would you like to see happen?

  1. All such establishments banned from the Broad Street BID area, or
  2. A limited number (for example, two) approved but no more, or
  3. Rely on the Council Licensing team to apply controls (effectively the status quo), or
  4. No restrictions.

Please let us know.

David Foster
(committee member – City Centre Neighbourhood Forum)

One thought on “Lap Dancing – Boujee Rooms and the aftermath!

  1. Qasa Alom

    Hi David

    I am currently running Birmingham City University Radio News on the opening of this 4th Nightclub on Broad St.

    I am looking to get interviews of reactions and opinions to this and would love to get in contact with you. Please email me to get your side of the argument across

    Many Thanks

    Qasa Alom

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