Library of Birmingham – Report as at 16/7/10

left as at 4 July and right as at 16 July

Good progress is being made with Core A of the library as can be seen left.
Carillion’s Operations Director of the library, Simon Dingle, explains:……
“This is Core A (there will be follow on Cores B and C) – it’s the structure for the main Stairs and Lift areas.

It’s constructed using a Slipform technique of hydraulic jacks which work at about 2m added height per day.

Inside the shrouded area is a 3 floor working area for the teams working on the structure.

It’s real benefit is safety in that you do not have to move loads of ply ‘shuttering’ around and the team are inside a secure safe area as we move up.

Core B will start after A is complete but Core C is smaller and will need Morisroe to use a traditional system, sadly.”

Geoff Caine