Library of Birmingham – Report as at 28/7/10

Simon Dingle of Carillion has released some super material to us in advance of general publication…….



The latest news is in Site Chapter 5 in two pages as below:

As usual, click on image for enlarged view.

We have also taken some super photos of last weekend’s erection of Tower Crane 2 (TC2) which we will publish shortly.

Geoff Caine

One thought on “Library of Birmingham – Report as at 28/7/10

  1. Phil Burns

    Hi Geoff
    Have sent you a pdf version, but just in case …
    The Library of Birmingham is due to open in 2013.
    This is your opportunity to come and see how the building is progressing and to
    talk to the constructors, Carillion.
    Dates for the tours are:
    Wednesday 11 August: 12.00—12.30
    Thursday 23 September 12.00—12.30
    Thursday 21 October 12.00—12.30
    Thursday 18 November 12.00—12.30
    Thursday 9 December 10.00—10.30
    Places can be booked at the Birmingham Box Office:
    www, or at the Central Library reception.
    Places are limited so please book early
    For further information please visit:
    Spread the good news!
    The Library of Birmingham has its own Facebook page where everyone can be kept
    informed of developments and sign up to become one of the ‘Faces of LoB’.
    If you haven’t already ‘liked’ the site please do so and spread the word of LoB to all
    your friends.

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