Library of Birmingham – Report as at 01/08/10 – Erection of Tower Crane 2

The second tower crane (known as TC2) was erected over the weekend 24-26 July.


See slideshows of the build – Click on the picture left for a larger view then click on any call-out for its slideshow.Find out all about it…..


Further information:

I’m told by Carillion (the developers) that: “This is one of the tallest masted cranes in the country measuring 100m to the top of its mast and max 89m to its hook from the ground. The crane can carry loads of up to 6 tonnes in weight and will be on site for roughly 18 months to move materials around the site during the construction of the concrete frame and installation of the glazing & circular patterned frieze.” The larger mobile crane is a monster itself. Being supplied by the multi-national firm it is classed as capable of lifting 500 tons. It is a Liebherr LTM 1500 mobile crane. Some interesting facts:

  • It is 3 meters wide and 18.37 metres long and 4 metres high on the road
  • The main boom extends to 50 metres (hydraulically extended)
  • The jib structure  on top of the main boom extends to 91 metres
  • The coordination of the relative movements of the parts is computer controlled
  • It has 16 wheels

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