Morrisons Planning Application for Edgbaston is Rejected


Morrisons planning application for a new store at the Hagley Road/Harborne Road former Edgbaston Shopping Centre, Edgbaston, Birmingham, has been turned down by Birmingham Planning Committee. They described the proposed structure as “awful”.

The building is pictured in supporting document Revised Proposed Elevations Coloured 2 Of 2:3441 PA13 in the planning application (please note this link can be very slow to load!). The question is does the design fit in with existing buildings in the area, for example the Marriot Hotel shown in the link?

Read more about this in the Birmingham Post.

Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Morrisons Planning Application for Edgbaston is Rejected

  1. Geoff Caine Post author

    I don’t know, but I think it would be commercial suicide to have bot supermarkets at FIve Ways.
    The Birmingham Post reports “Morrisons has been told to rip up the plans and devise something more in-keeping with the 1950s Marriott Hotel….”
    This sounds to me like the Planning Committee want something to be built there and are probably happy for a new supermarket of the right design.

  2. simon gray

    my understanding was that this was going to replace the tesco at five ways, which was intended to close once the new one at spring hill is completed.

    is that the case, & if so does that mean the council’s rejection of the planning application means everybody who lives around the broad street / park central / atwood green will not have access to a nearby supermarket ?

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