24 Carrots time again!

24 Carrots Jewelry Quarter Farmers Market It is time for the 24 Carrots market in the Jewellery Quarter again – Saturday 21st August, 10 till 3.

Just so we don’t take the market, and its organisation, for granted, here is a copy of an email from the organisers explaining what they have been doing…….

“Down at Carrots HQ (the pub!) we had our weekly meeting- lots to discuss at this one- in particular the new management system one of our oh-so-clever Carroteers has gotten us working to. Its amazing! We can keep track of our tasks so much easier now- you may not think a lot goes into running our lovely market… and perhaps that’s because it looks so smooth on the day (patting us on the back there a bit!) but so much work goes into getting our market up and running each month!

A massive task in itself is sorting out our scrumptious stallholders, who is coming, who can’t, trying to make sure we’ve got a good spread, sorting out their layout, organising the stalls! Then there is the legal bit- we’re becoming a cooperative- and our legal Carroteer is hard at work on that one!! And we have the fun issue of sorting out our licences- phew! Makes me tired just thinking about it- but its all worth it in the end!

After all- 24 Carrots is becoming the destination du Jour- when one of our many fans was asked what she would like to do on her birthday- she replied “go shopping at the Farmer’s Market!”- That two year old girl has her head screwed on!

So our market on Saturday the 21st is fast approaching- I’ve got my shopping list on the ready!! This month sees a new stall- Love Organic- do come along and show these guys your support- the produce is amazing! For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a fantastic stall full of organic seasonal fruit and veg- have a read of localise West Midlands blog.

Hope to see you on Saturday,

The 24Carrots Team”