What spending cuts could mean for Birmingham and its council

Council HouseStephen Hughes, Chief Executive at Birmingham City Council, has written an open letter to staff on the financial situation that the authority currently faces. You can read it on the council’s News Room site.

The situation makes for depressing reading. The council has been trying to work out how much of its budget it is likely to need to cut. The current thinking is that it will need to reduce spending by almost a third. They do not yet know how they will do this, but its not difficult to see that we are not likely to enjoy the process, and also that jobs may be lost.

One thought on “What spending cuts could mean for Birmingham and its council

  1. David Foster

    What do other readers think of the idea of the Council relying on more voluntary effort? (I saw no reference to the idea in Stephen Hughes’ open letter, by the way.)
    There would be objections that unpaid people displacing employees, but if the alternative was that no-one was employed for that function, which is preferable?
    There would also be concerns about managerial control and maintaining standards. However many organisations – some very large ones – provide high standards of service using volunteers, so that problem is not insuperable.

    David Foster
    (who spend one day a week doing volunteer work, behind the scenes, in the Museum & Art Gallery.)

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