Library of Birmingham – Report as at 20/9/10

The progress being made on the Library is amazing…….Below are photos showing the progress over the last two months (click on an image for a larger view in a separate window).

As at 22 July

As at 20 September

At 22 July only one tower crane TC1 had been erected. Core A on the left had just started to grow by the Slipform technique of hydraulic jacks which work at about 2m added height per day. The basement was still being dug out.

At 20 September a second tower crane TC2 has been erected. Core A initial build has been completed and Core B (on the right with the shrouded white top part) has been started. Basement excavation has been completed and much structural work has been achieved on the roof to the basement.

The work is carried out during Monday to Friday except for the erection of the cranes, where each was built over a weekend.

Geoff Caine