Meeting about changes to NHS Wednesday 22nd

The Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust have organised a meeting tomorrow.  Below is the notice they sent us:

Proposed Govt changes to NHS: what does it all mean?

Your questions answered by PCT Chief Executive & Dir. of Public Health

Wednesday 22nd Sept 2010,

6pm – 7.30pm at Pentland Suite, Strathalan Hotel, Hagley Road.

Our local Patients’ Networks have been concerned about what the new NHS White Paper will mean to local people living in the Heart of Birmingham area. The Chairs of the Patients’ Networks have particularly raised questions about changes that may have already started.

Next Wednesday evening a briefing with Kevin Magee (Chief Executive) and Jacky Chambers (Director of Public Health) has been arranged to address as many questions as possible from members of all Patients’ networks. I hope you can kindly attend?

Please don’t forget to call Preetpal on 0121 255 0743 to confirm you are coming and do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like help with transport or another assistance to attend.

Many thanks for your interest & involvement.