Library of Birmingham – Report as at 23/9/10

An inside view of the LOB construction site…..

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The second privileged view of the site from inside. These monthly visits, arranged by Sinead Dutton of Carillion (main contractor) and Phil Burns of the Birmingham Libraries, are open via a limited number of free tickets available from the Birmingham Box Office.

Sinead explained how Carillion standards and visions for a considerate constructor are implemented.

The site is run in terms of populating the workforce with a bias towards local people – training and retraining on previously worked on tasks is key to safe and productive working.

Of special note is Carillion’s commitment to taking on local apprentices and to ensure handing down of skills especially those gained from on site experience.

Also security, safety, quality control and best practices are constantly high on the agenda.

Regarding quality, all work is checked at least daily by a special team. Practices of individual workers are observed and questioned about why the person is working in a particular way – this can lead to improved  best practices and avoidance of accidents and injuries.

Safety is taken very seriously as illustrated by site reminders and information boards pictured below.

The active work area is caged off from casual footfall visitors as can be seen below.

All seems to have been very well planned and executed to create a talented workforce and a successful build project.

The photos below show that Core A is completed and Core B is growing daily by the Slipform method of jacking up the shuttering creating the walls at a rate of 2 meters added height a day. These cores will contain staircases, lifts and add to the rigidity of the overall structure. They will contribute to the safety of visitors and staff after completion. A third smaller one is to be built but usuing traditional concrete erection techniques.

Another major happenning is the basement roof (and hence ground level floor). The photo below shows the framework to support the shuttering- a team from contractor Morrisroe is  laying and smoothing the concrete ramp up to the front entrance (to be).

Pictured below are Sinead and Phil explaining procedures and answering questions, with lucky ticket holders gathered around.

Geoff Caine

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