Right to Work March route and details Sunday 03 Oct 2010

A Right to Work march is taking place past the Conservative Conference at the ICC on Sunday 3rd October.

The march is due to start at 1300hrs from the car park on Livery st.  The march will finish at the car park situated on the old Edgbaston shopping centre.

The attached Right to work march leaflet (kindly sent to us by the police) explains the march and the route. Note: there is likely to be disruption to traffic. Flyers and posters will also be distributed along the length of the route.

4 thoughts on “Right to Work March route and details Sunday 03 Oct 2010

  1. karencaine Post author

    Thank you! Interesting to know …. I was wondering (and was going to find out) if I could go to a couple of them but had thought they would probably be delegate only.

  2. Karen Caine

    As I understand it this is a properly organised march, certainly discussed and route agreed with the police.

    We of course are just providing the information about the march so residents can either join it, try to watch it, or avoid it, as you each choose.

    However if someone wants to let us know of other ways local residents can engage with the conference we could let people know!

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