Filming near Brindley Place 29/10/10

Two huge and complicated cameras




They (unknown) have been filming yesterday and today (and tomorrow, I believe) dramatic clips using the canals around Brindley Place, and the Mailbox, and what an eye-opener about use of people and costs it was!…

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I wandered onto the BCN canal towpaths between the NIA and BrindleyPlace this afternoon and took some photos  and videos of what was happening.

I must say it’s a slow business with about 1/2 hour in between successive filming sessions.

I estimate there to be at least 50 people involved plus stewards trying to keep the assembled crowd out of the shots……..

There seemed to be 3 people operating each of the two very large and daunting cameras pictured above.

Then there were the enormous floodlights, with at least two people manning these.

Then there  were two or three people gazing at two laptops connected to the cameras.

Then there was the stuntman and supporting cast of several actors dressed as policemen and several others standing on the bridge acting as passers-by.

Then there were the two jet ski boats with their two operators and others helping them anchor to the towpath when not in action.

Then there was a lighting engineer tuning the output of the floodlights by wandering around with an exposure meter and signalling alterations like a bookie.

Then there were the other 20 or so people standing around who I did not notice what, if anything, they were doing during the hour in which I watched (press, students, or what?).

Here is a video of the two clips that happened while I watched:

Here are some more photos. I did not manage to take the full complement of the filming company but you can gauge it from the shots below:

Some of the crew, there were more passed and above the bridge to the left.


Relaxing between shots.


Enormous floodlights.



Excitement with the impressive Jet Skis.



Geoff Caine

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8 thoughts on “Filming near Brindley Place 29/10/10

  1. Andrew Denny

    It’s a Bollywood film called ‘Tezz’, starring Anil Kapoor – he played the villainous quizmaster in Slumdog Millionaire. I’ve done a piece about it on my blog Granny Buttons (google for ‘tezz granny buttons’ to find it).
    Great photo of the jetskis, by the way! I wasn’t there, so wasn’t able to get one.

  2. Margaret Lister

    It’s a Bollywood film. I saw them in the ICC. The stuntman was about to jump off one of the walkways onto mattresses below. I didn’t stay to watch him break his neck!

  3. Neil

    Actually, you are right about bollywood too.

    They’ve both been in the area, and bollywood filmed in the Mailbox area too.

    Jetski sounds interesting. . could have been either!

  4. simon gray

    when i asked what was going on in the morning, somebody said a hollywood film, but i can see how bollywood might have sounded like hollywood.

    of course, with somebody riding a jet ski along the canal it could have been a remake of take me high…

  5. David Foster

    Jan thought it was Bollywood movie, but Hustle is a distinct possibility; it’s been widely reported in the local press that they are filming a lot of the next series in the city.

  6. Geoff Caine Post author

    Does anyone know how I can apply for the job of third assistant in line of the assistant to the Director?

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