Next Steps for New Street Station development

Stevenson Tower

The soon to be 'deconstructed' Stevenson Tower by New Street Station

Forum committee member David Foster attended a progress briefing yesterday on the New Street station redevelopment.

One of the targets for end 2010 is to complete the ‘deconstruction’ of Stevenson Tower. ‘Demolition’ is a forbidden word for this activity – the building will be taken down piece by piece. There will be no wrecking ball or explosives used because its foundations are intimately bound up with the station structure.

The next platform to be closed off will be no. 12. Currently platform 1 is being rebuilt and should be opened during early 2011; thereafter platform 12 will be closed off. The platform refurbishment will proceed one-at-a-time.

Another target for end 2010 is to extend the access bridge at the Navigation Street end to cover the platforms not currently accessible to it.

Although the new station will have 8 entrances, it appears that in the minds of the station management the ‘main entrance’ for the new station will be that on the Station Street/Hill Street side. This will have long term implications for connections between Southside and the rest of the city centre, and also affect attitudes towards that area.