Library of Birmingham – new The Site magazine now out

The Site winter edition

Library of Birmingham 'The Site' magazine winter edition

The Winter edition of The Site magazine about the Library of Birmingham development is now out. Carillion have sent us a copy. (Thanks!) You can read the .pdf version by clicking on the picture.

Since the last issue the two main lift/stair wells – core A and core B have been completed, showing the height of the building.

Also featured:

– Conservative Conference

– Site visits

– Apprentices

– Who’s Who

– What’s next

One thought on “Library of Birmingham – new The Site magazine now out

  1. David Foster

    Carillion are continuing their high standard of public information with this progress report. Explaining what is coming next can be a hostage to fortune, when events intervene (e.g. the current very cold weather) to slow down the rate of progress. But I hope they continue to keep us informed.
    I especially liked the item about the Nelson School visit!

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