Tesco Superstore Opens in Spring Hill

Yes, despite Tesco’s store locator internet facility ignoring it the new Spring Hill Tesco has opened; in fact, I’m told, it opened on Monday 6 December but I couldn’t find anywhere that this was advertised! Strange that such a massive investment (and it is a massive store) was not leafleted around the city centre (it may have been to the residences in the spring hill area, I don’t know!).

Anyway, it has opened and it is an impressive new-look store. It has a very ample car park below the very large and airy sales area. As well as the usual dried and tinned food shelves there are large fresh food counters, and it seems to cater for local residents with extensive Halal and associated products…..massive sacks of Basmati Rice and chapati flour!

The fresh butchers stall contains an unusually extensive range of fresh mutton meat (see photo) – can anyone explain why? It has a community board reporting on local events, etc.

The store is a new experience and I would suggest a visit.

It is located on the corner of Spring Hill (road) meeting Iknield Street and Ladywood Middleway. See Google map below.

Here are some images from my iphone:

Geoff Caine

Blue placemark is Tesco Store Yellow is NIA.

3 thoughts on “Tesco Superstore Opens in Spring Hill

  1. M Harrison

    Yes I’m a resident in Jewellery Quarter and got a letter through door about the new store and some vouchers. Yay! Great to have this store here, 5 minute walk from my place. Brilliant. Not the biggest Tesco I seen nothing compared to some of the massive Tesco Extra stores but it’s a decent size, lots of world food sections, which is nice to see.

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