Morrisons Edgbaston Store Gets Planning Permission


Morrisons was given full planning permission on Wednesday 22 December to develop a shopping centre on the site of the former Edgbaston Shopping Centre at Five Ways between Hagley Road and Harborne Road.

They are to provide a new 4,726 sqm (gross) food store, 5 additional retail units (Use Classes A1 – A5) and Class B1 offices with associated parking.

The initial application was turned down at the beginning of August this year because essentially it was thought the design was just not right for this area, and something bigger and better was needed for this site being on one of the main arterial routes into the city with its existing high buildings.

So Morrisons altered the design cosmetically and resubmitted the application. Below is the revised Elevation document from the Planning Application website (see under Related Documents). Click on the image to go to the planning website page containing the .pdf document; you can then right click on this and download it (to view it on-line is slow).

Personally, I can’t see much difference from the original Elevations document which unfortunately, for comparison purposes, has been removed from the Planning Application web site. Looking at the original (which I can’t show for copyright reasons) I’m not sure that the revisions tick the boxes said to be required by the Planning Committee when it turned down the application. But it has passed the application so members must be reasonably happy or don’t want Morrisons to go elsewhere.

Anyone with views or further information please leave a comment.

Read More at the Birmingham Post.

Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Morrisons Edgbaston Store Gets Planning Permission

  1. Tim

    Shame we have to have a down market company like Morrisons appearing on a main arterial gateway into the city. Its definitely a lower end brand with poor quality products; we really should be seeing a bigger Tesco or Waitrose in this sort of location.

  2. Geoff Caine Post author

    I suspect that with their new Spring Hill store opening, Tesco will phase out their Five Ways one, and that Morrisons got wind of this some time ago thus prompting them to take over a richer patch in terms of disposable income for Edgbaston inhabitants.
    I’m in favour of this as Morrisons have great value meat and other specialised items not currently available at the Tesco Five Ways store. Although this does have some tremendous discounts.

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