How to See Close Up the Building of the Library of Birmingham

Library of Birmingham ConstructionYes the Library of Birmingham is certainly mushrooming. And you can get a closer look at the growing process by booking onto tours of the site. These take you inside the hoarding to see details of the construction as it happens with real-time narrative by a Project Manager from main contractor Carillion. You can air your questions on the construction process during the tour.

Book a place by contacting Lesley Hughes on 0121 464 2107.

Tours, limited to 15 places and lasting about 1/2 hr, are scheduled for:

Tue 1 Feb 10.30 – 11am
Mon 14 Mar 3.30 – 4pm
Wed 13 Apr 10 – 10.30am
Thu 19 May 12noon – 12.30pm
Thu 16 Jun 2.30 – 3pm
Tue 12 Jul 10 – 10.30am
Wed 3 Aug 3 – 3.30pm
Mon 26 Sep 10 – 10.30am
Thu 13 Oct 10.30 – 11am
Wed 9 Nov 10.30 – 11am
Wed 7 Dec 10.30 – 11am

PS The two cores don’t really lean outwards, of course, it’s just a little photographic license I’ve taken.

Geoff Caine