Library of Birmingham – Report as at 12/01/11

New view from Tower Crane 2 – New Crane – Rep being readied for partial demolition.

This view from the tallest crane on the site, TC2, is looking East over the Library site and TC1 to the city centre. The wide road in the center being Great Charles Street feeding the city from the Aston Expressway and hence the M6 to the right of which is the Birmingham Museum. Colmore Row is the next wide street to the right. Taken on 6 December 2010 at 16:49 there is a hint of golden sunlight. Photo taken by friendly crane operator James Brown and edited for publication here by myself. (Click on image for larger view and again for even larger view – you will enjoy!)

A new crane popped up from somewhere unannounced last weekend as shown in between the two tower cranes, and is dwarfed by them.

The hoardings are being erected in front of the Rep Theatre in preparation for the demolition of the extension (and Workshop at the rear) adjoining the Library. The reason is that the ground floors of both buildings will be integrated to give a continuous entrance hall. The Rep closed its doors for two years on 8 January, and will be staging performances in other venues during this period. (Click on image for larger view – photo by myself.)

Geoff Caine