Library of Birmingham Flythrough Videos Released (and more….) – Now Updated

Library of Birmingham Artist's Impression (Click for larger view)

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At a meeting today held by S&X Ceative Communications, two Flythrough videos were released which you can play from this article. Produced by the Library architects Mecanoo Architecten, these take the viewer on a computer simulated tour of the inside of the new Library showing what delights are in store for Birmingham citizens and visitors to the city when the library opens in 2013……

There are two versions – one lasting 2 minutes ( and one of 6 minutes ( . Click on these links to play the videos on YouTube.

A Press Release today – LoB Flythrough Press Release FINAL 03.02.11 – by S&X Ceative Communications, describes the meeting, some facets of the design and the current status of the construction and what will happen this year.

In the meeting Mike Whitby, Leader of Birmingham City Council, expressed his well known and undoubted enthusiasm for the project. Brian Gambles, Birmingham City Council’s Director of Culture (he’s in charge of the city’s libraries), expressed how important it was to keep the public informed and the Flythroughs would contribute to this being confident that they would impress. Francine Houben from  Mecanoo Architecten talked the meeting through the 6 minute video; she, I believe, is the main architect of the building and her face figures prominently on the hoardings in Centenary Square surrounding the construction site.

The project is on time and within budget, and if the enthusiasm of all those involved that is apparent to any observer, is anything to go by it will continue so!

Some Extras to enjoy:

Here are some more superb artists impressions, all by kind permission of S&X Ceative Communications. Click on images for larger view.

Library of Birmingham front in evening light - Artist's Impression

Front in evening light

Library of Birmingham Front View towards Symphony Hall and ICC - Artist's Impression

Front view towards Symphony Hall and ICC

Library of Birmingham Cross Section from city centre side- Artist's Impression

Cross Section from city centre side

Library of Birmingham Open Air Amphitheatre - Artist's Impression

Open Air Amphitheatre

Library of Birmingham Central Book Rotunda - Artist's Impression

Central Book Rotunda

Here is a view taken today of how the construction is progressing. The current top floor shown is level 3 on which are the outdoor terraces. After this floor the building cross sectionional area is less. The plan is to complete a new floor every month.

Library of Birmingham under construction 3 February 2011

View of part of front in Centenary Square

Above Photo by me Geoff Caine


Maybe it’s predictable that those in gainful employment with this £188million 3 year project are enthusiastic, and who wouldn’t be in these job reducing times?

But, what of the rest of us? The building project is a commitment, and thank goodness we have something wonderful to look forward to, but

  • Is this new library all you want from the building or is there something that can be added/substituted to bring it more into line with the needs of the Birmingham community?
  • Will the performance facilities (Amphitheatre, etc) currently offered draw in many more citizens from different backgrounds to enhance the Birmingham community?
  • Will this ikonic building bring in monetary wealth to the city (as is hoped) as well as intellectual, artistic and leisure enrichment?
  • Is what is proposed currently going to lift us out of the musty world of nose in books and generate real and active interest in life?

The 6 minute video will tell you what is currently proposed in principle.

    Come on…..Say what you think in a comment below. It’s so easy!

    This will help others to assess what is important to them and have a voice in what the city officials provide. The internal layout and facilities are designed to be flexible, both before and after initial completion.

    So….go ahead and create!

    Geoff Caine

    2 thoughts on “Library of Birmingham Flythrough Videos Released (and more….) – Now Updated

    1. David Foster

      I fully endorse Geoff’s plea for everyone to contribute their ideas and aspirations for how the LoB will be used, and therefore how its interior will actually be formed. Some us have the time (and privilege) to talk regularly to the LoB project team and can make suggestions at a sufficiently early point for them to be implemented. But we need to know what you feel.
      Speaking personally, I am enthusiastic about the project not least because it precisely at times of widespread stress and uncertainty that civic pride can pay the biggest dividends. And this investment is one of 21st century’s contributions to the civic pride established by our 19th century predecessors.
      I don’t buy the argument that £180m could have been better spent; if it hadn’t been here, it wouldn’t have been spent in Birmingham at all!!

      David Foster
      (vice-chair, City Centre Neighbourhood Forum)

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