Spring…..Well, a hint of!

Bullring/St Martin's Square

Bullring/St Martin's Square

This photo makes me feel that Spring is on its way. I hope you feel the same.

It’s a view of the square enclosed by the Bull Ring and St Martin’s Church which I took very recently on a day of rare sun and afternoon light and I’m very proud of it.

I love the way the Selfridges’ disks reflect the sunlight coming from the left to illuminate, what would have been, a low light side of the church. It really shows off the characterful stonework. It also equalises the light in the scene as a whole. The Selfridges outside piazza echos and compliments the colour of the sky. Rare and fantastic!

My hope is that, in some way, the photo can be used  to sell Birmingham as an iconic city to visit.

Geoff Caine

( High Def version – click on image – then click again for an even larger one. Large blue space is for titling.)

3 thoughts on “Spring…..Well, a hint of!

  1. Chris Dinsdale

    Great shot Geoff. Strange that as Clair and I walked out of the rear door of Selfridges on our way to the market this morning we commented on the green algae on the St Martin’s stonework. A shot to treasure as with the planned development of restuarants in that area I guess that open space will be reduced.


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