Are there any ‘eco’ groups in the city centre?

Chamberlain Forum are putting on a conference on ‘Discovering eco neighbourhoods’, the purpose of which will be to inspire, enable and support (on an ongoing basis) community activists around Birmingham to get involved in the sustainability/climate change agenda. They are hoping that people from the City Centre might be interested!

They say that from observing (and being part of) groups around the city, there seems to be something that really works about place-focused community activists (from neighbourhood forums, residents’ associations, etc.) creating sustainability groups – they grasp the wider issues, but convey and act on them in a way that doesn’t alienate the people they live with.

There is also scope for getting involved in ‘Birmingham Energy Savers’, a scheme developed by Localise WM for BCC which aims to encourage insulation and microgeneration to save a lot of energy and money.

If you’re interested, the conference lasts for half a day (10am until about 1:30pm) on Saturday February 26th, at Moseley Exchange – it’s free, and lunch is included. Email to learn more.

We would also be interested to know about any green or eco initiatives in the city centre – please comment below or email us if you know of any!

Karen Caine