Do you have a Residents’ Association in the city centre?

Can we help each other?

The City Centre Neighbourhood Forum would like to talk to people in local resident associations, or other resident organisations such as resident led management companies, within our area (see map here). We believe this would help:

  • to make sure we are aware of local issues, what is already being done, and whether or how the Forum could help
  • to sound out local opinion and make sure we are representing it properly
  • to enable you to get involved in what the Forum is doing, if you want to, and perhaps even join the committee
  • to exchange links if you have a web site, to help people find both organisations more easily
  • people to share experiences across resident associations about how to deal with various residential block problems.

You may have other helpful ideas to add.

Please get in touch, initially using the Contact Us form, I am sure we could help each other!

Thank you !

Karen Caine
Chair, City Centre Neighbourhood Forum