Photos of old Aston University Student Halls demolished this morning

Before - Lawrence and Dalton Towers

Before - Lawrence and Dalton Towers

This morning at about 9:45 (I was too busy watching to check) two old 1970s high-rise accommodation towers were demolished – Lawrence and Dalton Towers.

I was at work by 6:15 at Aston University this morning, where we were fed breakfast and briefed. The students living in accommodation near the towers had to be evacuated before the demolition could take place.  They were alerted with fire alarms at 7:30, 7:45 and had to leave by the third alarm at 8:00am. Teams of us then went through the residences checking they were empty. The students were great – really cooperative, despite the early Sunday start. The Demolition could therefore go ahead really quickly.

The photos below show (click on them to enlarge) one of the towers falling, looking down the side of the main building along Potter Street, then the heaps of rubble remaining from the other side of James Watt Queensway. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t manage to walk round from signing out of work in the Main Building to Queensway in time to see them both go…has anyone got any pictures of both towers falling? Or video? Please comment with a link!

Update: someone told me about this video on YouTube by ! Great!

The demolition was being filmed from nearby rooftops by the University too, so hopefully that will be available soon. I believe the BBC and ITV were filming for local news too.

Next we will be able to watch the new, improved, accommodation going up. Might take a bit longer!

Update 2: Thanks to A Bennion and Cosmin for commenting below…great videos! I’ve added them in a playlist of videos of the demolition on YouTube –

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